Building a Closer Community 

As a neighborhood association, we are working to build a closer community with all of our neighbors. We find it incredibly important to stay connected with our neighbors. In order to do this, we have a variety of events throughout the year. We have neighborhood association meetings, Women's Potluck Dinners, a Back to School Party, and many more events coming this year. 


Chandalar South is adjacent to Carroll Park which is maintained by the City of Pelham. This is a great recreation area available for picnics, dog walks, etc. The CSHOA also owns a smaller parcel of land to the left after crossing over the bridge at Carroll Park. This is a more private area that can be enjoyed by Homeowners.

community center

Do you have upcoming event? We have the perfect venue for you to host this event. The community center is available for use by residents and non-residents for a nominal fee. Neighborhood Association members get this fee waived for their first use of the center! Each subsequent use costs $25. Non residents and non HNA members can use the facility for $75. An associate membership is available to those living in contiguous neighborhoods outside Chandalar (Indian Hills/Wooddale, Chaparral, Chanda Terrace, Chandalar Town Homes, Cahaba Valley Estates) for $75 that includes one free use of the facility in a calendar year. 

pool membership

For $375/year you can join the private pool with limited members. The pool is open May-September for members' use only.